About My Art


I have a deep emotional drive to learn and create.  I strive to call on positive emotions, be engaging, and nurture relationships. I use all the skill, achievement, and wisdom I possess to leave myself and the world a better place and be part of a larger purpose and meaning.

I enjoy creating art that portrays the warmth and goodness of being with others. Most recently, I have been concerned with making art that raises the awareness of how to measure a Better Future For All (BFFA), and in particular the use of social progress indicators (see socialprogress.org) to make visible how well a community provides for its members well bering.

My process is one of synthesis. I  assemble parts from the lessons I have learned about how people and the world are built, and how they work. My favorite process is to pursue a composition, or design, that when taken as a whole, evokes a feeling, response, or tells a story that needs little, minimal, or no explanation.

In my efforts, I try to be mindful, present, and remember that everyone's perceptions can never be the same. I strive for compassion in dealing with people, friends, family, and my community.

Working the stone